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Common Fears of Individuals Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Friday, April 15, 2016


When it comes to the great benefits of cosmetic surgery in Orlando, FL, word of mouth has been the best way for people to spread the news for decades. For the celebrities who popularized these procedures, their beautiful appearances and renewed youthfulness were great for publicity. Unfortunately, when it comes to cosmetic surgery itself, not all publicity is good. These procedures can be exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time; but with the rise of the internet and more people getting curious about plastic surgery, a lot of misinformation has been spread around, and people’s fears stop them from achieving the body of their dreams.


Fear #1- What about the risks of using anesthesia?


The fear of anesthesia is one of the most common, and for a good reason. Although many patients know deep down that it’s very unlikely anything will happen, it’s easy for anyone to allow their mind to wander, and feel a little worried. There are many different types of anesthesia out there, from general to twilight and even total IV anesthesia. In general anesthesia, patients have a controlled airway, which allows them to remain in a sleep-like throughought the surgery, with a ventilator to aid breathing. The twilight level is different, because while you do sleep through your surgery, you are usually under for less time and can breathe on your own. total IV anesthesia can be done with or without control of the airway. Breathing on your own is not necessarily the safest option during a procedure, but many patients perceive it that way. The controlled environment f general anesthesia ensures that an airway has been established, and that your breathing is constantly taken care of. If anything were to occur where your airflow is compromised, it wouldn’t be an issue as breathing has already been taken care of. In fact, most complications associated with anesthesia involve problems with the airway when it is not being controlled. It’s important to focus on the facts of anesthesia. While being under anesthesia is not something that you likely do every day, driving a car probably is- and driving a car is actually known to be associated with higher risks than anesthesia. Studies show that deaths by anesthesia are less than 1 per 100,000 people these days. Your safety and health is our number one priority- that’s why Dr. Arabitg and the team at Plastic Surgery Central Florida will never put you at risk. Anesthesia is carefully and stringently selected for you and personalized to your body, and is monitored at all times during surgery.


Fear #2- What if something goes wrong?


You might be worried that something will go wrong either during or after plastic surgery- what if you hate the results, and they’re not at all what you were expecting? What if there’s a problem during surgery, and it can’t be fixed? We know that the permanence of surgery is both anticipated and frightening. This fear can only be tackled by working with Dr. Arabitg collaboratively. Dr. Arabitg will make sure your desires are known, possible, and will turn out exactly as planned. His eye for detail attention to form, along with his natural artistry and skill esure that you will get the results you want. Dr. Arabitg is licensed by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has been trained extensively. If you’re worried about the possibility of something going wrong, feel free to ask any and all questions you may have, look for second opinions, and review the before and after photos in our online galleries.


Fear # 3- What if I feel guilty afterwards?


Dr. Arabitg knows that elective surgery can make you feel like you’re taking a big risk. Cosmetic surgery isn’t a life-saving procedure or even technically a necessary one. However, if you aren’t happy with the way you look, your only other option is to hide yourself under baggy clothes or big hats, and feel miserable for years to come. You should never feel guilty about doing something that will make you happier, feel confident, and help you feel comfortable in your own skin. Dr. Arabitg will work with you to figure out what your best options are, and will never force you to undergo more procedures than what you want or need.


To find out more about cosmetic surgery, schedule a consultation with Orlando cosmetic surgeon Dr. Arabitg at Plastic Surgery Central Florida today. Don’t wait to become the best version of you, and don’t let fear stop you from reaching your body goals.


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