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Facial and Hand Trauma

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Whether we like it or not, we live in a fast paced millennial society. People are constantly in a rush to get from one place to another. The urgency in today’s society contributes to why car accidents have become a common spotted sight. There are about 2.35 million people injured from car accidents in the United States yearly. Injuries caused by these accidents lead to unwanted facial and hand traumas ranging from small scars to injuries that could affect the functions of the hand. This kind of body cosmetic surgery in Orlando can reconstruct any damages caused by car accidents or other types of traumatic incidents.


Facial traumas result from penetrating injuries such as car accidents, gunshot wounds, dog bites, burns or any other physical altercations. These injuries alter the face by severing damages to the skin, skeleton, nasal and oral lining, and dental structures. Following internal healing is the appearance of scarring and other unwanted facial defects. The negative physical changes that arise caused by damage to the facial tissue, muscles, and bones that are left behind do not have to be permanent. Today, innovations within the plastic surgery industry have made it possible for skilled physicians, like plastic surgeon in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg, help accident victims’ facial features return to their pre-trauma appearance. This type of reconstructive surgery can not only repair the structures of the face, but also enhance them to look better than before!


Another attribute that comes from today’s millennial society is the increased feeling of insecurity once a person has an imperfection. The face is arguably the most important body part since it makes us recognizable to the rest of the world. Even if people recover physically from trauma, there is still a need for emotional recovery. When physical damage alters facial features, people face insecurity and negative judgment from peers. It is a natural feeling for humans to want to look their best in order to help them obtain emotional happiness. Confidence boosting, reconstructive surgery is a great way to restore facial damages and even enhance the natural features to look better than before!


Hand trauma could also result from common car accidents, falls, and other physical injuries. Our hands are a complex multi-skeletal system containing bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and other tissues. Unfortunately, for these reasons hands are an easy target that are highly susceptible to damage caused by traumatic events. On top of that, hands are highly used which makes them even more prone to daily injuries. Trauma to the hands will cause unwanted pain, swelling, inflammation, and other very serious complications that will inhibit the normal functions. Fractured bones need to be healed and realignment of joints may be needed in order to maintain and optimize proper hand function.


While oftentimes hands can heal non-surgically with a splint or cast, many injuries can only be fixed surgically to ensure completion of the healing process. When a fracture fails to correctly reunite, hand deformities will need trauma surgery to correct the malunion. Open fractures with wounds also require invasive surgery to repair the damage and close the wound properly. The treatment for fractures aims to heal the bone so that it is properly aligned and able to function once again. When it comes to soft tissue injuries, the surgeon will focus on reconstruction of the damaged area of the hand. In these cases, a grafting procedure may be performed which entails obtaining healthy bones, nerves, or other tissue from the body and transferring it to the injured hand to be attached carefully. Other times, a flap surgery may be performed where the surgeon takes blood vessels, muscle, fat and skin tissues from a healthy area of the body and places it in flaps created in the hand for support and allow reconstruction. This microvascular reconstruction is done to be able to restore the blood flow to the injured tissue and maintain its health.


Dr. Richard Arabitg knows what it’s like to ensure the physical and emotional healing aspects of traumatic injuries. In fact, he was inspired to become a plastic surgeon after a traumatic fall that left him with an unwanted scar. The scar greatly impacted his self-esteem and drove him to see a plastic surgeon. This was the moment that he fell in love with the cosmetic and reconstructive part of surgery. Dr. Arabitg realized that plastic surgery was a great way to positively impact a person’s life and to help people to feel better about themselves. So whether it’s hand or facial damage from trauma, plastic surgery could be the answer.


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