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Along with breast enhancement, liposuction, and facial procedures,  Orlando tummy tuck surgeon, Dr.  Richard Arabitg,MD is an expert in the field of abdominoplasty. Also called a tummy tuck by most people, this procedure creates tighter, toned abs when exercise and dieting don’t seem to be doing the trick for stubborn pockets or bulges of fat. With the aid of a tummy tuck, Dr. Arabitg can help remove unsightly fat and sagging skin from pregnancy, recent stress or health condition-related weight gain, and even lifelong fat. With scars that are minimal and hidden easily by underwear or bikini lines, and a minimal recovery time, tummy tucks are the perfect option for anyone. If you’re insecure or shy because of fat and cellulite, call Dr. Arabitg’s office to learn more about that tummy tuck you’ve been thinking about.

 The  tummy tuck procedure or abdominoplasty involves removal of excess skin and fat from the midsection, and a tightening of the muscle and fascia within the abdominal wall. There are many types of abdominoplasty, with each lasting between one and five hours depending on surgeon discretion and the patient’s needs. During a complete abdominoplasty, after an incision is made between the hips, excess skin is removed as the muscle fascia is tightened through the use of stitches. Many times, the surgeon may utilize liposuction in order to create tighter, more smooth body contour. In a partial abdominoplasty, a much smaller incision is made. Afterwards, the excess skin is removed in a more limited fashion, and the leftover skin is pulled down. Additionally, the fascia may be tightened and liposuction utilized to smooth contours. An extended abdominoplasty involves a complete abdominoplasty in conjunction with a thigh lift. This creates a slimmer, more toned appearance throughout the midsection, waist, and upper legs. Although an extended abdominoplasty is not always necessary to obtain desired results, it can be discussed with your surgeon if you are interested.

Tummy Tuck

Orlando Tummy Tuck Surgeon, Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD discusses one of his favorite procedures and how he has mastered and utilized the latest techniques in Body Sculpting and Contouring.

Aside from those three types of tummy tucks, there are many others such as the high lateral tummy tuck, the floating abdominoplasty, and the circumferential abdominoplasty. Typically, tummy tucks may be combined with liposuction, breast reduction or augmentation, and more. Typically referred to as a “mommy makeover” by the public, this combination of procedures creates a drastically improved appearance after weight gain. After abdominoplasty is performed, a patient should take time off work for up to four weeks in order to encourage proper recovery. Daily activities can be resumed, but heavy exercise or strenuous activity should be avoided until three to six months has passed. Although there may be some bruising, swelling, and discomfort after surgery, a compression garment can be worn to reduce negative side effects and discomfort, and allow the surgery site to heal evenly and smoothly. Scars begin to fade after a few months, and become very discreet when fully healed. Don’t let your fears or lack of confidence stop you from pursuing your dream body. Abdominoplasty is a safe and effective procedure, and can help you get that beach body you’ve been wishing for.


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