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At What Age is it OK to Start Having Plastic Surgery?

Dr Richard Arabitg - Saturday, May 13, 2017

There is a lot on controversy when it comes to plastic surgery, even more so when age is factored into the topic. In today’s society, cosmetic surgery in Orlando is widely spreading, accepted, and with today’s technological advances, innovation in surgical procedures, the ever-evolving medical field, many procedures are far less invasive and lower risk than in the days of the past. Dr. Arabitg, Orlando’s plastic surgeon known for being highly skilled and talented, takes on each case individually. There are societal norms, which vary dependent upon one’s location, vocation, and social status. The important thing to recognize is, that different procedures determine different appropriate ages, and the difference in the sexes can determine a different age for procedures too. So, for the sake of providing you with some information that can resonate with you, and hopefully further educate you, we will discuss some of the most popular plastic cosmetic surgery procedures that teenagers tend to select. This article does not seek in any way to represent a doctor’s opinion or recommendation for any specific case, as every patient is an individual case with different needs and different goals. Every person is different, and how they can respond to surgical procedures varies. It is essential, that you seek a skilled surgeon for case specific questions during consultation.


What Age is Safe for Females?

Today, plastic surgery isn’t so taboo anymore, and with payment options, cosmetic plastic surgery can finally be affordable. Among the most popular plastic surgery procedures for females is: Breast Augmentation, and Rhinoplasty.

Breast Augmentation Surgery- Breast Augmentations can be done once a female reaches the age of 18 years old. However, even though the FDA recommends that females wait until the age of 18 to have the procedure done, women are still developing their breasts well into their early 20’s. The whole point of an age requirement, whether it is house rules or legalities, is that the procedure needs to be safe and effective. Young people don’t realize that as they get older, their desires evolve, and so do their perceptions. Holding off on certain procedures is in the best interest of the young person. If the breasts are not done developing, an 18-year-old could develop complications post-augmentation, or even enlarge to a size they are uncomfortable with.

Rhinoplasty- What is important to understand about rhinoplasty, is that the younger the patient, the more the patient’s body is going to alter as they age. Fully developed bone structure is essential in the safety and efficiency of a plastic surgery procedure. If the nose is not fully developed, and the bone has not reached its full path of growth, it could render the surgery unsuccessful and possibly even botch the surgery or destroy the work that the surgeon has done. The bones in the nose and nasal cavity generally reach their adult size around 15 or 16 for most females.


What Age is Safe for Males?

Gynecomastia, which is Male Breast Reduction is a popular request for teen boys. In fact, most teen males are eager to get this procedure done. There are 3 times in a males’ lifetime that they tend to retain fat cells in their breasts, and it is caused by hormones. When a male is born, they have unbalanced hormones and you can see babies, even males, have a little more fat around the breasts. The breast tissue is affected by the fluctuation of hormones, thus making the other two times males tend to have hormonal imbalances the time most males consider this procedure. As males get older, in their late 50’s or 60’s, and they stop producing as much testosterone, they tend to have excess breast tissue. Males also go through hormonal changes during puberty. Teenage males are generally sensitive to the excessive breast tissue, and it is hard to convince them to wait for the procedure until after puberty when their hormones tend to balance out naturally (American Society of Plastic Surgery, 2017).



**Something to take into consideration. Boys develop slower than girls, so the average age a male is safely ready for plastic surgery is a later age than that of females. Sorry guys. **



Things to Consider Before Plastic Surgery

Whatever the plastic surgery procedure may be, these things should be considered before undergoing the knife:

Pregnancy – Are you considering a procedure that could be affected if you have a pregnancy later on in life? Does that answer change the effectiveness of your surgical choice?

Bone Growth- Have your bones reached their potential for growing and changing?

Bodily Changes- Is your body still changing and developing? Will this render the procedure useless? Could more growth and development of your body give you poor results or destroy the surgeon’s work from the surgery?




American Society of Plastic Surgery. (2017). Briefing Paper: Plastic Surgery for Teenagers. Retrieved from http://plasticsurgery.org

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