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Create Facial Harmony with Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Dr Richard Arabitg - Wednesday, March 22, 2017

We were not all born with perfect symmetry of our face. Many of us have experienced injuries that have misshaped the structure of our face. Rhinoplasty in Orlando is even more attainable now with affordable payment options. Plastic Surgery Central Florida maintains employment of the most up-to-date equipment, latest technology, and Dr. Arabitg practices innovative techniques, giving patients the opportunity for a flawless procedure.


Life is about balance, so it is important to understand that what may look perfect and beautiful on someone else, may not be right for you. Cosmetic surgery in Orlando can be demanding, and Dr. Arabitg does not take a case that he does not feel he can improve the patient’s quality of life by at least 95%. What does this mean for you? It means, if Dr. Arabitg says he can do something, he will do it, and he won’t do it if it is not going to be a dramatic improvement. Our face is what people notice first about us. It leaves a lasting impression; and our face, the lines of it, are what the person that falls in love with you sees when they close their eyes. So, to put things in balance, sometimes taking a specific feature from someone else and placing it on your face, may not create perfect harmony. To have facial harmony, Dr. Arabitg brings vast experience and knowledge to the table, combined with a skillset that can give you the perfect facial features in creating a beautiful and harmonious face. Symmetry and balance, from scale to complimentary, Plastic Surgery Central Florida’s principles and professionalism provides patients with honest, discrete consultations that leave the patient satisfied, and feeling confident.


Rhinoplasty is far more than just a nose job for aesthetics. When you create facial harmony, and create balance for your features, you allow the correction of impaired breathing. Whether the obstruction of breathing occurs from natural disproportions, or it is caused from an injury, rhinoplasty can correct the issue with an obstructed nasal passage. In many cases, patients come in with complaints of obstructed breathing in addition to their dissatisfaction with the shape of their nose. During consultation, Dr. Richard Arabitg will evaluate the patient’s desires as well as the structure of their nose and nasal passages. Films may show that with a nose job, Dr. Arabitg is able to improve the patient’s ability to breath, at the same time as meeting the mutual goals they have set out to accomplish for their facial harmony. Because of Dr. Arabitg’s extensive expertise, even the most difficult cases can be managed with ease.


Potential candidates for a nose job surgery are anyone with a crooked nose. It could be someone that has suffered a nose injury, or someone that naturally has lack of symmetry. Those that have a bump or large dip in the bridge of the nose are prime candidates, and can achieve a look that enhances their natural beauty, but removes the focus from their nose. Dr. Arabitg believes in giving patients a natural appearance and boosting the confidence of his patients. That said, it is suggested that patients be at least 18 years of age for rhinoplasty. Here are a few reasons why:

Though other surgeons may perform rhinoplasty on patients under the age of 18, there is always a possibility that the bone structure of someone under 18 can still change. It is also important that a patient be completely certain in their desires for a change. We all have something about ourselves that we would change to enhance our beauty. Someone under the age of 18 may change their opinion as they get older. Being completely satisfied with the results is highly important to Dr. Arabitg.


Rhinoplasty can improve the functionality of the nose by removing any obstructions that may be hindering the passageway in the nose. It can give the patient facial harmony by creating a more symmetrical face and balance of facial features. Rhinoplasty is commonly used in combination with other procedures such as a face lift, neck lift, and cheek and chin implants. Plastic Surgery Central Florida offers a variety of facial procedures to enhance a patient’s natural beauty. Why not call for a consult today?

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