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Dr. Richard Arabitg Completely Customizes A Breast Augmentation to Your Desires

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Monday, February 06, 2017

It takes great skill to veer from the cookie cutter cosmetic surgery and customize specialized breast augmentations. Dr. Richard Arabitg, a highly skilled surgeon that specializes in breast augmentation in Orlando, can help patients with special requests like reducing the size of their areolas. There are a few things to consider with this surgery however, you definitely want to get this surgery done at the same time if you plan to have breast implants as well. Alone, this surgery can be done while in the doctor’s office, and even under local, so just a topical numbing is needed when performed by itself. If reducing the size of your areolas is a desire of yours, please consider whether you are done having children or not. As with pregnancy, your breasts are sure to stretch, and it is probable that you would need the surgery once again post-pregnancy (RealSelf, 2017). In fact, many cosmetic plastic surgeries that reshape your body, you should consider the fact that if you should become pregnant, you may have to have the surgeries again after your pregnancy. It’s simple, your shape changes quite a bit during pregnancy, and breast feeding changes your breasts dramatically as well. In addition, the longer you breast feed, the more differently the shape of your breasts will be afterward. There are also women, that chose not to breast feed, and once their bodies stopped producing milk, they lost a lot of definition in their breasts that was there pre-pregnancy. There are many factors to be considered before making a final decision.



In Orlando, cosmetic surgery, stays innovative as technology and techniques advance. Dr. Richard Arabitg at Plastic Surgery Central Florida continues his education, learning and teaching the latest procedures in his field. Dr. Arabitg will not take a case that does not redeem a 90% improvement rate post-surgery. Inverted Nipple Correction is becoming more common today, as experts like Dr. Arabitg master the procedure, giving patients a beautiful and natural looking nipple. Inverted nipples can be unsightly, and affect a patient’s level of confidence. Skilled highly in the reconstruction of breasts, Plastic Surgery Central Florida offers patients an all-inclusive custom breast augmentation. Many women are born with large nipples that can be uncomfortable and heighten sensitivity. This heightened sensitivity can be very uncomfortable and hinder normal functionality throughout the day. In fact, it is a common procedure in males that are undergoing Gynecomastia surgery, that they also have their nipples and areolas reduced in size (Dr. Barry M. Weintraub, MD, FACS, 2017). It is important for females to be older than 18 years of age so that their body has caught up in growth and development. For most people, we develop faster in different areas of our body. For example, a young woman may develop large areolas that appear to be quite disproportionate with the size of her breast. A woman can continue to develop well into her early 20’s. It is best that any of these surgeries have a lot of thought put into them before making a final decision.



If you have a spouse, it is important to discuss your desires with your spouse so that if you decide to have surgery, you will also have the moral support of your partner. This paves the road for a happier and healthier result emotionally.

Many women after having children, or just as they get older, want to have their breast augmented to make the breasts fuller again. It is very common to have a breast lift done at the same time to get that overall youthful and vibrant look. As we age, the skin slows the production of elastin, making it more difficult for your body to hold up a larger cup size. A breast lift done at the same time as a breast augmentation, contours your body back to the younger or better you.


No matter what things you would like done to customize your breast augmentation, be sure to discuss all your concerns and dislikes during your initial consultation with your doctor. Dr. Arabitg is a renowned surgeon in his field, decorated with recognition for difficult cases, and successful results. Isn’t it time you take control and get the body you want today? Give us a call and see what we can do for you!





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