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Make-Up Can Only Do So Much

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Tuesday, September 06, 2016


In a world where cosmetic surgery is less dramatic and made more available to you, it is time to consider what you really want. Sure, make up can do wonders from skin tone to contouring, but unless you are a professional make-up artist or have a personal one that shows up at your house conveniently, every morning or for that special night out, let’s be realistic about this...It is only going to go so far.


It’s no secret that being beautiful can help you get a better job or better position, not to mention the way beautiful people are treated is far different from those that are not considered attractive. Everyone wants flawless skin, perfect symmetry of your facial features, high cheek bones, and that perfect nose. No matter what you think, your favorite movie stars and celebrities most likely were not born looking that way. The people you see in magazines, on television, and on the big screen are rarely born with those features. Almost always, you can count on the fact that the beautiful people you look up to have had something tweaked or added and even removed.


What is better than waking up without any make-up, or being at the beach and not needing any make-up to achieve the look you desire? Nothing. Let’s face it; we all have our perceptions about where we would like to improve our appearances. Facial implants can actually do much more than you realize for your appearance. Don’t be deterred by the word implant; there are a variety of shapes and sizes for subtle to dramatic results. Customized to achieve the patient’s desired results and optimum efficiency of the surgery, your surgeon can create any look you want that works well with your existing facial structures. Cosmetic surgeon in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg, is double board certified and listens to what the patient wants. During consultation, you and your surgeon can discuss your goals and what route that goal can best be achieved by.



If you have a weak jawline and seek to have a well-defined face, facial implants are ideal for you. As we get older, our face can lose definition, and cheek implants can make your face fuller. In many cases, patients are not changing their looks to something completely different, they are reverting their facial features to looking like a younger version of themselves (The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2013).



If you are considering facial implants in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg has vast experience in achieving patients’ goals. There are many benefits to facial implants:


* Most Importantly, the implant material is safe for your body


* Implants can improve the contour of your face


* Facial features can be balanced and proportionate


* Increase Self- Confidence


* Improve Attractiveness


* Facial Implants are safe to combine with other procedures such as Rhinoplasty and Face Lifts.


* Facial Implants look natural. There are many cosmetic surgeries that do not look natural. While still beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, they still do not look natural. Facial Implants are not easily detected, and look completely natural.


Most everyone is a good candidate for Facial Implants. During your first consultation, it is essential to give full disclosure as to what you want, and any concerns you may have. Be prepared for post-surgery. Have arrangements for a ride and aftercare following the surgery for when you are released to go home. Be absolutely confident in you and your surgeon’s final decisions for the mutual goal. It is important to be realistic about your results. Know that tomorrow you won’t wake up looking just like Jennifer Aniston. However, you will have her cheek bones, and be a new, more attractive you.


Wearing heavy make-up is not good for your skin in addition to the different chemicals that your skin absorbs into your system that make-up is made from. Dr. Richard Arabitg gives you the permanent solution with facial implants. Take the opportunity to boost your self-esteem and live your life as the best version of you possible. Schedule a consultation today.




The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. (2013). Smart Beauty Guide. Retrieved from http://smartbeautyguide.com


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