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Breast Augmentation in Orlando: When Should Women Consider Getting It?

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Monday, April 27, 2015

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Breast Augmentation in Orlando: When Should Women Consider Getting It?

One of the most popular plastic surgeries women opt for is breast augmentation. The reasons for getting one are varied. Some go through it purely to enhance their appearance, while others do so to correct genetic conditions, or those brought on by certain illnesses or treatments.


Corrective Procedure

Micromastia is a condition that results in underdeveloped breasts in women. Some women also develop asymmetrical breasts, where one breast is bigger or is shaped differently than the other. Women with these conditions often suffer from embarrassment and poor body image. Breast augmentation corrects these conditions, resulting in enhanced self-esteem.


Likewise, cancer patients who go through mastectomy (or the removal of breast tissue) also have the option of getting a breast implant to restore their appearance after their treatment.


After Birth

Women who have gone through several pregnancies may also benefit from breast augmentation. It is common for women’s breasts to sag and deflate after pregnancy, especially for mothers who breastfeed--a far cry from how they looked and felt before child-bearing. Breast augmentation can help these women get a more youthful figure. Local mothers who want their breasts to be the same size as before can inquire with experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Richard Arabitg about breast augmentation in Orlando. The doctors can help them find out how the procedure may help them.


Emotional Reassurance

On the other hand, there are women who get breast augmentation simply because they are not satisfied with their bodies and want to improve them. Breast augmentation has been known to have generally positive effects on patients, leaving them feeling good about themselves after getting a fuller and more “womanly” figure. These women are happy with knowing they now look better in clothes, especially figure-flattering ones. This helps boost their self-image, consequently giving them a more positive attitude toward other aspects of their lives.


Certified Orlando plastic surgeons advise women who are contemplating on undergoing breast augmentation to assess their reasons for getting the procedure. This is especially true for those who are going through life-changing events like divorce, death in the family, and other similar experiences. In some cases, women might see breast augmentation as the quick answer to their emotional dilemma, and they could end up regretting the decision when they’ve recovered from their distraught.


Plastic surgeons advise their patients to maintain the right attitude about cosmetic procedures. While they can help improve self-image, these procedures should not be considered the answer to all of a person’s problems. Breast augmentation can make a woman look and feel good; however, it should be done only under the right circumstances and mindset.


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Breast Lift Surgery

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Thursday, February 26, 2015

If you are considering having a breast lift procedure done, be sure to consult with an Orlando cosmetic surgeon. You will want to ensure that your desired goal is clearly explained to your surgeon. During this initial consultation, all of your previous health information, as well as other important background history, is collected. Between your previous history and your desired goals, your plastic surgeon will explain to you how he/she will help you reach satisfaction.  He/she should also explicitly explain what will happen during the breast lift procedure. It is important that you are educated and very comfortable with the whole process.


The breast lift procedure itself is fairly quick—it typically only takes about three hours to perform. Breast lifts are performed either in a hospital, an outpatient surgery center, or a doctor’s personal operating room. During the breast lift surgery, the plastic surgeon will reposition the nipple to a higher location. In order to do so, the surgeon marks the appropriate location beforehand. The doctor will make an incision in one of three areas: around the areola, around the areola and vertically down to the breast crease, or around the areola, down the breast crease, and horizontally along the breast crease. The type of incision made is determined by the results you desire. After the incision, the breast tissue is lifted, the nipple and areola are repositioned, and any excess skin is removed.


Once the procedure is finished, your plastic surgeon will close your incision and proceed with post-operation care. The size of the scar from the incision truly varies from person to person. During your initial consultation with your surgeon, they will recommend the incisions that best fit your anatomy. Some of the incision lines from the breast lift will be hidden naturally by the shape of your breasts, but others may still be visible. All of this will be discussed with you beforehand to ensure you are pleased with the results.


When you come to Plastic Surgery Central Florida, our goal in mind is your happiness. We want to do what is best for you and to provide the best results. For all of your cosmetic surgery in Orlando needs, please visit our contact page to set up an initial consultation. 

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