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Pec Implants

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Orlando cosmetic surgery, although generally marketed towards women, is a great way for men to achieve the physique they’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’re looking to gain a toned abdomen, defined jaw line, or a more balanced nose, an Orlando cosmetic surgeon can work with you to accomplish your goals. Aside from the more popular procedures, like liposuction and nose jobs, pec implants are another safe procedure that a plastic surgeon can utilize to help you gain more confidence in your appearance. Whether you’re a body builder or just trying to have a bulkier build, pec implants are the solution to building up a more muscular appearance in the chest. Great pecs are the secret to looking tone and fit. Even if you have an impressive six pack of abs, shoulders, and lat muscles, a lackluster chest is enough to keep your appearance at a plateau. For a body builder, the smallest details can be a detriment to appearance and performance. Although the pectoralis muscles (minor and major) are easy to build at the gym, they can still suffer from limitations based on genetics or lack of ability to commit to the necessary gym regimen. Sometimes, muscles won’t reach their full potential for any number of reasons. With the use of pec implants, thickness and size of the pecs can be greatly increased. Pec implants look natural, as they are placed underneath the pectoralis major; this means that what is visible from the outside is all muscle.

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