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The Level of Dr. Arabitg’s Talent and Skill Brings Him Some of the Most Difficult and Unique Plastic Surgery Cases

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Friday, December 16, 2016

At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, cosmetic surgeon in Orlando, Dr. Richard Arabitg stands out above the rest because of his vast expertise, skilled specialty surgeries, and high standards that he himself holds for patient satisfaction. Dr. Arabitg will not even perform a surgery that does not give the patient at least a 95% improvement rate. He feels that if the procedure does not deem those quality results, then he not only will not perform it, he says it cannot be done (Plastic Surgery Central Florida, 2014).


So, what are some of the specialty services that Plastic Surgery Central Florida provides?


Firstly, let’s take a look at a less invasive procedure that is not commonly offered by other practices. For starters, Plastic Surgery Central Florida offers a variety of services all under one roof. From cosmetic plastic surgery to aesthetic procedures such as BOTOX and Chemical Peels, Dr. Arabitg’s practice goes above and beyond other practices offering Endermologie which is a great procedure post liposuction procedures, painless and effective for body contouring. Endermologie not only improves the overall effectiveness of procedures like liposuction, it can be done on its own to improve lymphatic function and remove excess fluid and toxins in the body. Many patients have elected to have a series of treatments done on their own before even considering surgical liposuction and other body contouring options. However, a consultation with Dr. Arabitg can shed some light on whether or not you can achieve your desired results from this procedure alone.


Vaginal Rejuvenation, or Vaginoplasty is not a commonly performed surgery by most plastic surgeons. It requires special training, education, and a great deal of skill when addressing genital reconstruction. Highly skilled and knowledgeable surgeons are essential in a successful Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery. In many cases, this type of procedure is a comprehensive surgery used in combination with other procedures to achieve the patient’s desired results. Sometimes, it is pertinent to combine surgeries whether all at once, or one at a time in order to contour and rejuvenate your body. Labiaplasty is also commonly combined in a Vaginal Rejuvenation treatment. Labiaplasty focuses on either the inner labia, outer labia, or both. The labia can become stretched out and loose with childbirth, hormonal changes, and age. Vaginal rejuvenation also addresses a stretched-out vagina cavity, loose vagina openings, and prolapsed rectums or bladders. Prolapsed organs are when the organ begins to droop into the vagina, and in severe cases, the organ may protrude out of the vagina.


Inverted Nipple Correction is another specialty surgery that requires a highly skilled surgeon to be completed successfully. It takes a strong knowledgeable base to even offer such specialty services the Plastic Surgery Central Florida offers. Dr. Arabitg has a wide range of talent. Where most surgeons focus on just one area of expertise like breast augmentations, Dr. Arabitg can perform hand trauma reconstruction, Tonga lifts and buccal fat removal, liposuction and other body contouring surgeries, and highly difficult and uncommon surgeries like the above-mentioned procedures.


One practice, offering all-inclusive services, all under one roof, by a highly skilled, prestigious surgeon like Dr. Arabitg, it is advantageous for the Orlando cosmetic surgery industry and Central Florida’s patients. It is difficult to find a practice that offers such variety under one roof, and by such a notable surgeon with a skill set that separates him from other surgeons, making him in high demand in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry.


We all desire to see the best version of ourselves possible. Often, we allow fear to stop us from realizing those dreams. From the financial implications, to the fear of the process and recovery time, we somehow go on allowing us to put those desires on the back burner. We convince ourselves that it just isn’t that important. We convince ourselves we can achieve some of those goals on our own. We convince ourselves that we just don’t deserve that version of ourselves to become a reality. But that just isn’t true. It is true that for some of us, some of those goals can be reached through hard work on our own or with some external cheerleaders helping. But the fact of the matter is, that for most of us, our bodies simply aren’t made that way. Our genetic predisposition will not allow for our bodies to take certain shapes. Our bone structure just isn’t made a cetain way, or past lifestyles choices like childbirth simply has changed the way our bodies are today. Don’t believe you don’t deserve it; everyone deserves to feel great about themselves. Schedule a consult today, see what Dr. Arabitg can do for you.




Plastic Surgery Central Florida. (2014). Plastic Surgery Central Florida. Retrieved from http://cosmeticsurgeyorl.com

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