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What is Endermologie?

Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD - Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Body cosmetic surgery in Orlando offers innovative procedures that are less invasive at Plastic Surgery Central Florida. Endermology, also known as Endermologie by brand, is basically a Contouring Massage by use of a machine. It is also referred to as Lipomassage in many circles, so if you hear or read any of these, they may be referring to the same thing, Endermologie.



So, what is Endermologie?


Endermologie breaks up fat cells and water beneath the skin. With the use of mechanical rollers regulated with a machine, the machine rolls back and forth over your skin in areas of your body that have more fat content. This is operated by a skilled professional, and requires more than one visit to see effective results. Endermologie gives a smoother appearance to your skin, and lessens the appearance of dimples that cause the cottage cheese look. Your body passes the excess water that has been loosened from beneath the surface of the skin. Patients notice a significant difference in the number of inches on their body after a comprehensive treatment program. Determining on your body, and your needs and desired results, your doctor will determine the number of sessions you will need to achieve the most effective results.


Endermologie is not just for your looks. Many people are referred to a specialist for Endermologie to improve the circulation in their body, and increase their lymphatic flow. In a case, such as this, it is possible to get your insurance provider to cover partial to all expenses involved in your treatment program to address your individual issues. This, of course, is a case by case basis for providers.



So, How Exactly Does Endermologie Work?


Beneath the surface of your skin, you have connective tissue. The machine used is far less invasive than liposuction and other surgical procedures to address similar physical issues. This machine, gently stretches that connective tissue below the surface of the skin from an external approach using topical motions and applications that the machine is specifically designed for. When the connective tissue is stimulated this way, the motions help to increase the production of a patient’s elastin and collagen levels. Elastin is an elastic fiber within the connective tissues beneath your skin. These fibers are what enable your skin to stretch and resume its original shape and contour. As we age, our bodies produce less Elastin and Collagen which are responsible for keeping your skin tight. The process of an Endermologie treatment program stimulates your body to produce more of these components that reside deep within the layer of skin called the Dermis (Ageless Med Spa, 2012). While age does not directly destroy these two components, what we do in our lifetime does. Smoking and environmental pollutants seep deep into our bodies through our skin, constant long-term exposure to the sun; all of these can harm existing elastin and collagen levels. Age alone does not destroy existing levels, however, as we age, we do produce less (Ageless Med Spa, 2012).


When the machine stretches the skin back and forth through massage with a strong suction, the fibers beneath the surface are loosened in the connective tissue. This tension that is being released is what gives you the appearance of cottage cheese, and those dimples. Some patients see results within the first couple weeks. However, most program regimens are 30 minute treatments, two times a week for a ten-week period. The most common results for patients, are to see results within the third to forth week.


Major Factors:



  • * Improves Circulation and lymphatic flow- This process releases toxins and flushes the body

* Applicable Areas- Full Body

  • * Zero Downtime post-procedure
  • * Possible slight discomfort
  • * FDA Approved
  • * Non-Invasive
  • * Patients Must Hydrate Thoroughly During Program
  • * Exercise is Encouraged During Program to Assist Detox
  • * This is a comprehensive procedure for effective results. You must undergo several sessions to see results.
  • * Affordable
  • * Not Overnight Results

Dr. Richard Arabitg, a cosmetic surgeon in Orlando, specializes in the body contouring procedures from Endermologie to the Brazilian Butt Lift. Call for a consult today, and find out which is the best one for you!


Ageless Med Spa. (2012). Ageless Med Spa. Retrieved from http://agelessmedspakaty.com


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