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Breast Enhancement Orlando

Orlando Breast Enhancement, also popularly referred to as a breast augmentation or implants, is a procedure that creates full, voluptuous breasts through insertion of an implant under the breast tissue. Although once seen as taboo, breast augmentation is now viewed as a great way to add volume to the breasts, for a naturally full appearance. No other procedure can create a shapely appearance as quickly and easily as breast enhancement.

Breast implants can be made from silicon or saline, with each varying in their resulting appearance and duration. Silicon implants are composed of a semi-solid gel. Saline high profile implants, which are utilized by Dr. Arabitg, are composed of a liquid saline (salt water) solution. These implants create a natural looking appearance, a smooth contour, and a more realistic texture when compared with silicon implants. Implants can be placed in many positions, depending on the discretion of the surgeon. When placed subglandularly, implants are positioned between the mammary gland, and the major muscle of the chest area. If placed subfascially, the implant will rest under the fascia of the major chest muscle. Subpectoral placement involves placing the implant underneath the major muscle of the chest. Implant placement depends on many factors, including patient preference, safety variables, and expertise of the surgeon. To decide which placement is most appropriate for you, talk to Dr. Arabitg about your concerns or desires. Most types of breast augmentation procedures heal initially in about a week, with full healing in six weeks. The resulting scars fade over time, and generally disappear after a few months depending on skin type.


Orlando Breast Enhancement

Orlando Breast Enhancement Surgeon, Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD discusses a very rewarding procedure and how he utilizes the latest techniques in Breast Enhancement.

After the first week of healing,  Orlando Breast Enhancement patients can resume normal daily activities, but should reserve strenuous exercise or activity until after full healing. Common side effects include some bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort. Once healed, a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Arabitg can last years, providing you with the confidence and youthful appearance you’ve always wanted. As an expert in his field, Dr. Arabitg prides himself on providing a safe and comfortable experience for patients wishing to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Arabitg has the knowledge and experience to provide you with implants that exceed your expectations. He strives to build a creative partnership with you, in order to help you achieve the results you truly want. With a consultation, you can ask Dr. Arabitg any and all questions about breast augmentation you may have. At Plastic Surgery Central Florida, we aim to work with you as well as for you. Afterwards, our team will conduct a health and family history exam to make sure you can undergo a safe and appropriate procedure, and discuss all of your options with you. In order to help you along the way, Dr. Arabitg uses only the best state-of-the-art imaging technology to manipulate images so you can essentially try on the implants you want. Don’t let unhappiness with your bra size prevent you from living your life. There’s no shame in wanting a little extra boost for your appearance, and a breast augmentation might be the perfect way for you to achieve that.

Orlando Breast Enhancement

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