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If age and gravity have combined to create unsightly wrinkles, fine lines, bags, and sagging skin on your face, a facelift can help. By undergoing a facelift, you can eliminate and even reverse signs of aging that make you feel insecure or unhappy with your appearance. By creating a firmer, tighter appearance in the face, a facelift can restore your glowing youthful look. Many times, anti-aging creams and lotions can help disguise fine lines and give the skin a taut appearance. However, using these creams regularly can become frustrating and costly.

Additionally, they do not provide a permanent effect, and cannot create the dramatic improvements that a facelift can. By eliminating under eye bags, sagging skin around the neck and chin, deep wrinkles, and excess fat, a facelift creates a natural looking effect that lasts years. Because the procedure involves only incisions made under the hairline, no visible scarring will result from a facelift. Orlando facelift surgeon, Dr. Richard Arabitg,MD can help you tailor your appearance to your desires, whether you’re looking to tighten your forehead, eye area, neck, or more. Less commonly known by its technical name, rhytidectomy, the facelift has been greatly popularized by celebrities of all ages. Before the procedure, Dr. Arabitg will discuss your personal and family medical history in order to ensure that the procedure is safe and appropriate for you. He will analyze your face, and work with you to determine how the final results will look. By working for you and with you, Dr. Arabitg and his team strive to build a patient-doctor relationship that provides comfort, safety, and an ability to communicate effectively.


Orlando Facelift Surgeon, Dr. Richard Arabitg discusses one of his favorite procedures and how he has mastered and utilized the latest techniques for Facelifts

By scheduling a Facelift consultation at Plastic Surgery Central Florida, you are ensuring that you have the opportunity to address any concerns and ask all of the questions you’ve been curious about. Only your surgeon can determine which type of facelift is right for you, and the plethora of options available means that you should seek out the most knowledgeable and experience surgeon available. Whether you’re looking into an SMS facelift, a deep plane facelift, a composite facelift, a mid-facelift, a mini facelift, a skin-only facelift, a MACS facelift, a threadlift, or a subperiosteal facelift, Dr. Arabitg can help you arm yourself with an understanding of such procedures to help you make your decision. In a traditional facelift procedure, an incision above the ear, which extends into the hairline, is created. Afterwards, the skin will be separated from deep facial tissues. The deep facial tissue is then tightened, and the skin is stretched back. The excess skin is removed, and the area is reattached through staples and/or stitches. Recovery time is generally around three to four weeks, and normal activity can be resumed. Some post-procedural pain, swelling, and discomfort may result, but pain medication can be prescribed in order to aid the healing process. If you’re feeling down about signs of aging that are apparent on your face, ask Dr. Arabitg about a facelift today. You can reverse signs of aging, and restore the youthfulness you once had.


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