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These days, many people feel insecure about their nose; they think it’s too wide, too bumpy, or too big. The wrong nose can create a completely imbalance face, causing a lack of confidence and happiness. With a rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, Orlando nose job surgeon, Dr. Arabitg can help you transform your entire face. By creating a straight and proportionate appearance for the nose, balance can be restored within the face. Put Dr. Arabitg’s eye for detail and years of experience to the test!

By scheduling a nose job consultation today, you can learn more about the procedure, see a manipulated image to “try on” different desired results, and address any concerns you may have. Along with the aesthetic value of a nose job, rhinoplasty can also restore normal functionality to the nose after an injury-related trauma, or other medical conditions. One medical condition in which a rhinoplasty may be necessary is skin cancer. Skin cancer is actually the most common reason for undergoing re-constructive rhinoplasty. Another condition, such as a congenital defect, can be corrected with rhinoplasty in order to restore cartilage, bone, and skin. Since incisions are made inside of the nose, rhinoplasty can be performed without creating any visible scarring. Dr. Arabitg and his team will work with you in a creative partnership to help you tailor the size, width, and shape of your nose to your needs. Because we emphasize patient safety above all else, we always conduct full medical background and history checks in order to ensure that the surgery is appropriate and occurs successfully. Aside from no visible scarring

Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

Dr. Richard Arabitg discusses one of his favorite procedures and how he has mastered and utilized the latest techniques in Rhinoplasty

Dr. Arabitg’s procedural method (the “closed” rhinoplasty) has many benefits over the traditional “open” nose job. During a closed nose job, there is overall less cutting of the nasal tissue. This creates faster healing and less trauma to the nose. This also greatly reduces the chance of iatrogenic damage on the part of the surgeon, as well as more creative flexibility when shaping the nose, shorter operation times, and a much faster recovery time. The results of rhinoplasty are generally permanent, although changes may occur as the body ages due to natural nose growth. In this case, Dr. Arabitg will strive to give your nose an appearance that will age beautifully with you. After surgery, patients can return home in order to rest and recover. Although it takes time for the nasal cartilage and bone to heal, pain medications and antibiotics are typically prescribed to aid the process. Stiches can be removed around five days after surgery, with the external cast being removed around a week after surgery. Stents may not be removed until two weeks after surgery. Side effects include bruising, swelling, and discomfort. After rhinoplasty, what is commonly known as “panda eyes,” (undereye bruising) may last for up to two weeks. When your nose is causing you shyness and insecurity, do something about it. Rhinoplasty is easy and affordable, with minimal healing time. You can feel confident about your nose again, and Dr. Arabitg can help.


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